Beef and chicken paprikash prepared on a pile dwelling

Living in Serbia I discovered many cool customs like spending weekend on their pile dwellings, preparing wonderful barbecues (much better than we on the coast do) all those tasteful goulashes and slow-roasted meat. I made a decision to learn how to prepare all these recipes while I am here.

This post is about one those recipes, one of those weekends, one of those goulashes - Beef and Chicken Paprikash.

Enjoying Food Around Rome

I have travelled to Italy many times before, although mostly northern Italy because I lived very close. I’ve been so many times to Trieste and Venice. I also travelled to Florence, Padova, Bologna, not to mention ski resorts. But in Rome I felt the true Italy, the charming Italy that you read about, the romantic Italy that you see in the movies, the busy streets, the smell of pizza, the sunny piazzas (squares), tasty canneloni and delicious gelato.