Mediterranean Lifestyle Collage


If you live on the Mediterranean these things probably sound familiar: reading a book under a pine tree, catching fish, picking olives, having a natural lemon in your garden, eating seafood and drinking good wine.

It’s just a way of living, we don’t think about it ‘till someone tells us: “Wow, you are so lucky!”. Well, it’s not about the place you live, but the way you live your life wherever you are… There are many beautiful places around the world, by chance we are born here and we are trying to make the most of it. And trust us, we really know how to enjoy all the benefits of the Mediterranean.  

This collage represents Life in Istria… blue sea, olives, Roman amphitheater in Pula, sailboat, sea urchin and good food. There is much more, of course… but you’ll just have to come and see 🙂

This post is in response to the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenge Collage.


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