The Path of Santa Lucia

Skitaca is a small village on the glade 425 meters above sea level near Labin in Istria. It’s a crossroad of dozens hiking routes, it has a wonderful view and an interesting legend about Santa Lucia.

Skitaca rocks

Skitaca Map
Map – The Path of Santa Lucia

In the past the village was quite big, it even had it’s own school… but today only few houses are inhabited and renovated, the rest of them are just ruins. The village is founded in 15th century and it’s surrounded with 4 hills: Goli, Ostri, Brdo and Orlic.

Santa Lucia Sign

Santa Lucia is a protector of sight, protector of parish and it’s the name of the church located in the center of the village Skitaca. There’s a legend that says Lucia was a saint that wanted to built a church, but the people were constantly retracting and delaying. One day, disappointed and tired, she went to the hill Brdo to cry. Eventually Lucia fell asleep and in the morning when she woke up there was a small dent in the rock, full of water. It’s the only source of water in the area around Skitaca and people say it never dries up. According to the legend it has healing performances and it’s called Tears of Santa Lucia.

Santa Lucia Rock Sign

The path goes from the center of the village and the church to the hill Brdo, it’s 1 km long and it’s not demanding (only 35 m of height difference). Skolnica, the local name for the water source in the rock, is located 10 m under the top of the hill on the right side of the path.

Skitaca view

This place is worth to see even if you don’t believe in legends, it’s a perfect weekend getaway and the view is amazing!


Skitaca View

Santa Lucia


Santa Lucia

Skitaca view

Skitaca View


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