Painting – enjoying an artsy Saturday

Every now and then I get this urge to create some art. Sometimes it’s just sketching, sometimes it’s pottery and this weekend it was painting.

On Friday I decided that this is going to be a creative weekend.  I already had a few larger canvases and an easel that I keep as a decoration in my apartment. I also had a good enough collection of brushes and some watercolors and oil paint. I always buy pre-stretched canvas.

I still decided to stop to the store to buy a few smaller canvases and a few larger color tubes for the colors that I planned to use more like white and blue.

I already new that the dominant color on my painting will be turquoise and that I will paint something that has to do with sea… underwater, sea shore, open sea or something like this.

Prime your canvas

Once you have the canvas stretched it is always good to prime it. This is done with a material called gesso. Gesso protects the fiber of a canvas making your painting surface archival. It also makes the surface softer so you can use less paint and it’s more gentle for your brushes so they’ll last longer.

Think about what do you want to paint

Visualise your future painting in your mind. I also like to sketch it on a paper and maybe even create a few lighter marks on the canvas to set up the proportions.

You can consider adding a tonal background color for setting the mood.

Prepare your supplies

Put the canvas on the easel, set the angle of the easel or just put the canvas on a flat surface. Then, prepare the paint, the brushes, a glass with water.


And then dive into your imagination and create art!

My painting is still not finished. I’ll post it online once I finalize with all the little details 🙂




This is my antistress therapy and what’s yours?


4 thoughts on “Painting – enjoying an artsy Saturday

  1. I paint, too, to de-stress – and just for fun. I mostly do watercolor lately. I do art once a week at a cancer clinic that holds art therapy for the patients and their caregivers. I go with my friend that I took care of during her treatments and surgeries. At home I like to zentangle. And I take long walks in the park near my house.

    I love your painting so far. Beautiful colors. Please post the end result. I would love to start playing around with oils.

    1. Gioia

      Thanks for your comment, LuAnne! I really enjoy art…. unfortunatelly I’m not so regular in it like you. I do pottery every now and then. I have a small pottery workshop at home, but I still have to master the wheel.
      I also bought oils colors so I plan to start painting with oil and I am very excited about that. 🙂
      I will post te painting as soon as I finish it! 🙂

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