Mediterranean Houses

Take a look at this wonderful Mediterranean houses in Istria! With the growth of tourism the number of small apartments and big villas with pools is raising rapidly all over the coastline but also in the interior of the country. The combination of modern architecture and traditional details makes a perfect match and it represents this region in the best possible way. Olives, rocks and blue sea… that’s Istria! Here are some of the most popular Mediterranean beauties in this area:

House “Gondolići”

villa gondolici 1

This holiday home situated on the top of the hill in village Gondolići is breathtaking. Stone walls and blue details in combination with wood makes this vintage looking house perfect place for relaxing in green surroundings.

villa gondolici 2villa gondolici 3

Enough space in the garden gives you the possibility of pool use with intimate atmosphere. On the terrace there is a brick barbeque and billiards table which provide entertainment and pleasant moments. Interior is quite simple with natural colors and stone fireplace in living part.                                                         villa gondolici 4villa gondolici 5

villa gondolici 6


Holiday Homes “Luna Bianca”, “Luna Nera” and “Luna Rossa”

holiday home 1

This complex of holiday homes in small village Sveti Petar u Šumi (San Peter in the Wood) in central Istria is a great mixture of modern and traditional. The shape of the building, materials and colors are typical for this region but when you add the  steel canopies and stairs it gets more modern industrial look.

holiday home 2holiday home 3holiday home 4holiday home 5


Villa “Stefanija”

villa stefanija 1

Villa Stefanija is located in the peaceful east Istrian village of Puntera, which overlooks the river Arsia valley. It’s an small villa surrounded by untouched nature, breathtaking views, the calls of birds sound and the smell of pinewood.

villa stefanija 2villa stefanija 3

It offers traditional cuisine at an onsite restaurant, a relaxation zone with spa area and a hot tub. The environment makes you feel like you are so far from the civilization and actually you are just around the corner.

villa stefanija 4villa stefanija 5


Morchaki Country Resort

Morchaki Country Resort & Spa is a holiday cottage located on an estate that stretches as far as the eye can see, and which offers exceptional privacy in surroundings of olive groves, meadows and forest.                                        Villa


A perfect place for nature lovers! Green details, fireplace and vintage interior gives this house that special warm touch. The whole place is simply charming!





Modern Villa near Labin

modern villa labin aThis beautiful Mediterranean house is a tipical new modern building you can see beeing bulit more and more nowadays. The lines are simple, colors natural, the roof is flat and the stone walls together with wooden beams make the house fits perfectly in the surroundings.

modern villa labin b

modern villa labin cmodern villa labin dmodern villa labin e

With love from the Mediterranean!


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