Weekend Getaway – Kopaonik

Kopaonik or ‘Kop’ how it’s called is the most popular ski resort in Serbia. It is located in the central Serbia, and it’s the largest mountain range in the country. The highest point is Pancic’s Peak with 2017 m.

The central part of Kopaonik plateau was declared a national park back in 1981.

I first visited Kopaonik in early October and I was amazed by the nature, by the colors of the trees and by the fresh atmosphere. We went there to ski last weekend and I was as amazed as the last time. I liked the ski routes, I liked the après-ski coffee shops, I liked how busy it was.




Taste of Kopaonik


Taking a sip of hot spicy boiled wine while enjoying a book on the fresh mountain air, this is my idea of winter heaven. If only there was some more sun to heat me up a little bit.


Hot cherry strudel with a bowl of vanilla ice-cream is to blow your mind. This one I had in cafe Ski avenija and the one they serve in ski caffe Skituljko is even better.

I can also recommend hotel Gray for lunch or dinner, or just coffee. I love how the restaurant’s interior design is done. It is a combination of modern design and traditional mountain interior, with lots of old stuff… like old skis on the walls, old photos, etc. The atmosphere is nice and calm, and the food is delicious.

Here you can read some more info about Kopaonik.


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