Balcony Decoration

Spring is here! The weather in Belgrade was terrific in April and May started the same way. I enjoy sitting on the terrace reading a book with a glass of wine or a coffee mug, depending on how I feel that moment,  and since we spend so much time here I decided it has to be nicely decorated.

First, we bought two great outdoor armchairs in IKEA and one children chair, where also a skinny adult can sit, but that’s where we mostly put our legs to relax. We also considered this children chair in a bigger size, instead of the two that we took, but the ones that we have chosen were much more comfortable. The chairs can be stacked, which saves place. They were also available in dark grey and they looked great, but white is the summer color! 🙂

We also bought a great outdoor coffee table. And for final touch two outdoor pillows, a kinda navy one and one in beige and dark blue. They are a great decor but they also add extra comfort to the garden chairs. The cover is easy to clean because you can remove it and wash it in the machine.

I also put a rug on the terrace, and decorated with candles and lanterns.

Balcony decorationBalcony decorationBalcony decoration

It looked great from the beginning, but to give it a little bit more coziness I was missing the plants.

Gardening at the balcony

I planted aloe vera in a small vase as a decoration for the table.

I have two small houseleeks. I love how these little fleshy plants look and I love the idea that it keeps my house safe 🙂

I planted rosemary and bay laurel. Apparently both plant are not so easy to grow but I am optimistic. I want to have the smell of mediterranean on my terrace that’s why I chose these two plants, and they can also be used in the kitchen. I love the taste rosemary gives to potatoes and sauces.

We have put solar led lights on the balcony fence and a baldachin for a romantic atmosphere <3

Balcony decoration

Balcony decoration

Balcony decoration


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