Sailing In Spring

Yesterday we had a perfect day! My sister and her family came home and we went sailing with their sailboat. The weather was sunny and hot but still enough windy… we just couldn’t ask for more.


I got up early, packed some sandwiches, water and snacks, filled my bag with sun cream, glasses, magazines… put on a windproof jacket and I was ready to go.

Sailing delights me ’cause it gives you that special feeling; wind in your hair, no motor sound, just you and the sea… Great anti stress therapy! I have to admit I’m not such a fan of  boat heeling (leaning away from the wind) but knowing we are in good hands comforts me a little.


My sister is great in sailing, she is our incredible captain and the rest of us is just listening and doing what she says.


There are some important rules I try to follow while sailing:

  • make sure you don’t fall off the sailboat
  • do everything your captain says
  • take a position where you are not in a way
  • pretend you are not afraid when the boat starts to heel over really hard.

So if you find yourself sailing and you don’t have a clue what to do and how to act, just follow this rules and you’ll be fine.


And if you want to sound super cool and impress your friend, remember this few sailing terms:

  • Bow / Stern / Port / Starboard – Bow is the forward part of the boat and stern is the back. Port is the left side facing forward and starboard is the right side.BOAT


  • Jibing and tacking – two basic sailing maneuvers that take you away from or into the wind. When you change the boat’s direction, the boom comes across and the boat has a new point of sail.


  • Mainsail – the big triangular sail at the back of the sailboat. A thick tube along it’s bottom edge is called boom.
  • Jib – the small triangular sail that is used at the front of a sailing boat. Jibs and spinnakers are the two main types of headsails on a modern boat.
White – mainsail, Blue – Jib


Good luck and stay safe!

Our most important member of the crew

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  1. I have never sailed so it was fun reading through your blog. I actually did imagines a boat and all its parts as per your description. Also during changing of direction i could feel the bosy movement as well 😄 nice one gurl !

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