Strawberries from my Garden

When I was little my granny use to have a garden full of strawberries. Every day my sister and I were carrefully looking and searching for the red ones or sometimes even the ones that were green with just a little of red ’cause we couldn’t wait for them to mature. I adore the fragance and the taste of domestic strawberries… the ones you buy in a store simply can’t compare. That is partly because of the feeling you have when you pick them in green enviroment.


Today I have a little garden of my own. And I’m so happy when I see a red strawberry, it takes me back into my childhood. My labrador also likes them so I always have to be extra carefull when he’s around.


If you don’t have a garden you can plant strawberries in pots on your balcony. Just don’t put them on a windy place and make sure they have enough sun and water. Because of the problem with my dog I planted a couple of them in hanging pots and hanged them on cherry tree. The fruit is safe now, well… at least from the dog.


Strawberries are very healthy, packed with vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants and more.


There are a lot of dessert recipes with strawberries but most often we eat them fresh ’cause it seems pity to treat such a fresh and tasty fruit. Sometimes we mix them with yogurt and make a healthy smoothie… Yummy!


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