Paulownia, the Fast Growing Tree

Last year we finished our garden terrace with a small roof and two columns to protect ourselves from strong Mediterranean sun and summer heat. We love to spend our time enjoying coffee or lunch surrounded with green nature and the sound of crickets. There are a lot of them this year and they are very noisy. I love it!

But in the afternoon, when the sun comes down the roof isn’t enough and the heat is just too strong to sit on the terrace. This year we decided to plant a tree that will look good and provide us so desirable shade. We picked Paulownia, a.k.a. “the princess tree”.


Paulownia is a fast growing tree from Asia with large heart shaped leaves and purple flowers. It’s not typical for Mediterranean but I think it will fit perfectly in our garden and what’s most important, we’ll be enjoying its shade very soon.


If you buy this year seedling, in autumn you’ll have to cut the whole stem at the base. It’s important to follow this rule ’cause it will force the plant roots to grow stronger. But don’t worry, this tree grows really fast, 4 – 5 m per year and can reach a height of 30 m at maturity.


We cut our Paulownia tree this spring (what can I say, autumn was lazy) and now, after just 3 months, its height is about 1,4 m. Can’t wait next summer, maybe we’ll even have to trim it a bit 😊.

Paulownia in our garden (3 months after cutting)

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