Sailing Around Northeen Adriatic, Part Two – Losinj, Ilovik and Unije

If you have more days to spend on the sea than just a weekend, then you can choose your route. Are you going to sail through Osor channel or are you going to sail around southern part of Losinj?


Osor is a village on the SW coasta of Cres, on the W side od a narrow channel separating Cres from Losinj.

The channel is spanned by a swing bridge which opens at 9h and at 17h every day and shallow draft boats can pass through there. Vessels coming from the South have priority. The bridge can be closed in case of strong winds due to dangerous currents and waves.


Unije is an island located west of island of Losinj with beautiful bays and beaches that I always like to visit.

Because of its openness to winds from west and northwest, the port of Unije does not provide good shelter during strong storms, so we usually spend the night in Cove Maracol which is open only to Jugo, blowing from the south-southeast. There is a nice walking path to Unije village where you can find two konobas (restaurants), post office and grocery store.

Mali Losinj

Finally a city where you can feel the vibe after spending a few relaxing days in wild coves and beaches. There is a marine gas station here, restaurants, coffee shops, post office, grocery stores, stores with nautical, fishing and spear phishing equipment. A real little city! If you want to eat a good pizza, I recommend pizzeria Draga, and if you are up to some delicious ice cream, you should get one in Moby Dick.

Cikat Cove

Cikat is a good choice for a harbor because it is protected from all but western winds. There are many villas in this area that were once owned by Austrian nobles and some of them are turned into hotels today. Cikat is also a sports center with water polo, diving and sailing clubs, tennis courts, etc.

Ilovik and Sveti Petar Islands

Ilovik is the island of my childhood. We used to come here every summer when cruising around Northern and Middle Adriatic.

Ilovik and Sveti Petar are located south of the island Losinj and the cost is accessible from all sides with many secluded bays. The largest bay on Ilovik is a sandy beach Parzine, located on the southeastern part od the island. In the town you can find a well-stocked store, post office and several restaurants.

One interesting feature of Ilovik are the funerals where after church service is held in the church of Saints Peter and Paul on Ilovik, the body is taken across the water to the island Sveti Petar (Saint Peter) where the cemetery is located.


Nerezine is a fishing village on the island of Losinj. Although it is usually only a short stop for sailors to visit the gas station because it’s open to bura wind and there are some nice safe coves on the Cres island just across the Losinj Channel, the village is actually pretty nice with two resorts, two camping sites and several restaurants.


The sea for me is where I long to be…


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