Quick Mediterranean Snacks for Unexpected Guests

Here on the Mediterranean unexpected guests, friends and neighbours stopping by to your house just to say hi, without notice, is very common. I like it ’cause it brings people together, it connects them and I love to socialize.

It’ s good to be prepared for this kind of situations and always have a little something in your kitchen that you can offer to your guests. But even if my fridge is almost empty I try to find a way to bring some kind of snacks to the table. Here are some creative ideas:

Fig Jam and Cheese With Domestic Grapes

Fig jam-grapes-cheese

Bruschette with Prociutto, Mushrooms and Grana Padano


Istrian Cheese With Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Pepper 


Anchovies on Oat Crackers 


Tomato Sauce On Roasted Bread – homemade salsa with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

Tomatoe sauce

And sometimes I just put a little bit of everything I have… 


cherry tomatoes

Istrian plata


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