Enjoying Food Around Rome

I have travelled to Italy many times before, although mostly northern Italy because I lived very close. I’ve been so many times to Trieste and Venice. I also travelled to Florence, Padova, Bologna, not to mention ski resorts. But in Rome I felt the true Italy, the charming Italy that you read about, the romantic Italy that you see in the movies, the busy streets, the smell of pizza, the sunny piazzas (squares), tasty cannoli and delicious gelato.

I will write about some tips for first time travelers another time. This post is only about food, food, food!

When in Rome, you have to try:


Did you know that there are two types of pizza in italy, la pizza Romana and la pizza Napolitana. Rome’s pizza is very thin, even crusty which makes it very light and easy to eat. And the Naples’s pizza is thicker. Even though everybody knows that Naples is the origin of pizza, there’s a constant discussion whose pizza is better, tastier. I still have to try la pizza Napolitana!

We had dinner at Trastevere in the restaurant Da Ivo, recommended by the locals. They serve delicious pizza and pasta!


Oh, my! The pasta in Rome is at a totally different level! They boil it very very shortly so it’s always a little ‘al dente’ and they have all these great pasta shapes. I loved the fat spaghetti with a whole going through the center, called bucatini. But there are so many other types.

The sauce is not that heavy and usually they don’t put too much of the sauce, they really enjoy the pasta itself. The most traditional sauces are tomato based like alla Arabiata or alla Matriciana.

Pasta at Mercato Centrale Roma

Pasta all’ Ammatriciana
Frutti di Mare pasta (with seafood)


They make so good sandwiches in Italy that you feel a little bit ashamed thinking what could an Italian think ordering a sandwich in your country. Hahahaha… An ordinary sandwich would be made of goat cheese, aubergine, tomato and argula, or prosciuto, zucchini and mozzarella. And bread is so good, it is usually made of sth like pizza dough. There are like 100 places to eat sandwiches and usually older men prepare them, they enjoy their work and like to chat!

Mizio’s – great pannini place in Via dei Zingari


This Italian pastry, originated from Sicily, but popular across Italy, is a must try. Tasty vanilla lemon creme in crusty pastry dough… I want one now! :)))


Italians really enjoy their food. Even ice cream tastes better there. There are more ice cream shops around Rome with so many different tastes, it’s an adventure for your buds.

Gelato Della Palma near Pantheon

This is not all, of course, there’s the best tiramisu and various types of pastry, bruschette, olives, smoked sausages, etc.

Best tiramisu
Best tiramisu

Bruschette and wine at Piazza del Popolo

Bruschette and wine at Piazza del Popolo
Salumi at Mercato Centrale Roma

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