Salted Anchovies

The older I get I appreciate anchovies more and more. I used to consider them cheap fish, but they are so much more than that. They have one of the strongest flavours among fish and salted anchovies are very often added as taste improver to meat dishes like beefsteak tartare, meatloaf or Dalmatian pasticada.


Enjoying Food Around Rome

I have travelled to Italy many times before, although mostly northern Italy because I lived very close. I’ve been so many times to Trieste and Venice. I also travelled to Florence, Padova, Bologna, not to mention ski resorts. But in Rome I felt the true Italy, the charming Italy that you read about, the romantic Italy that you see in the movies, the busy streets, the smell of pizza, the sunny piazzas (squares), tasty canneloni and delicious gelato.