Beef and chicken paprikash prepared on a pile dwelling

Living in Serbia I discovered many cool customs like spending weekend on their pile dwellings, preparing wonderful barbecues (much better than we on the coast do) all those tasteful goulashes and slow-roasted meat. I made a decision to learn how to prepare all these recipes while I am here. This post is about one those recipes, one of those weekends, one of those goulashes - Beef and Chicken Paprikash.


Iotta – Traditional Sauerkraut soup

Iotta is a hearty sauerkraut soup that is traditionally prepared in Istria and surrounding parts of Croatia like Rijeka, but also in Slovenia and in the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region in Italy. In Trieste they traditionally prepare it without meat, and in Goriza (an Italian city near Trieste) they add barley. It's a very old traditional dish …

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